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Finley Harper Roush

Finley Harper Roush was placed in our arms on June 13, 2016. 24 hours later we signed the paperwork needed to make her adoption official and on June 24th she became an American citizen the minute her feet stepped on American soil. To say Finley has been a blessing to our family would be a gross understatement. She has blended in so seamlessly that it feels as if she’s always been here. She is so affectionate and tells us all the time that she “bubs us so mu” (loves us so much). She is crazy about her brothers (Parker-12, Hayes-5, and Baylor-4) and sisters (Carson-14, Emerson-6) and is very attached to us all. She loves reading books, doing puzzles, playing with baby dolls, and playing with her play kitchen set.

Finley doesn’t let her special need (Ectrodactyly – deformed hands and feet) affect her at all. She uses those special hands so well and can do anything a “typical” two year old can do. She didn’t even qualify for early intervention therapy in our state! English was also no obstacle…sweet girl immediately picked up words and is now speaking in full sentences. Finley is super smart and enjoys our homeschool preschool time, our church Sunday School/Wednesday night classes, and our Tuesday afternoon homeschool Co-Op. She loves meeting new people and playing with friends. And she already understands the importance of faith…if Daddy forgets to pray with her at bedtime, she yells out “JESUS!!!!!” until he remembers.
We will be forever grateful to Small Bridges for the gift you gave that made Finley’s adoption possible. She is such a gift to us and will do amazing things with her life. I can’t even imagine her going through life without the love of her family. Your gift will have eternal significance in the lives of us all.

(As a neat side note, Finley will be a big sister this summer! Our family is adopting Piper Blayke from China, who is 3 month younger than Finley and has Down syndrome. We can’t wait to see Finley in her new role!)